The story of Hofseth started in an rebuilt dairy plant in 2005, and 15 years later we are one of the largest salmon and trout processors in Europe with an annual production of 50,000 tons.

Over 500 employees

Our employees are all based on Sunnmøre, and we are one of the top employers of the region.

NOK 5.0 bn in revenue

Hofseth has had 25 % annual growth over the last ten years, and exceeded NOK 5.0 bn for the first time last year.

Export to 23 countries

Our largest export market is the US, where we are the largest importer of salmon from Norway.

100 % utilization

We utilize the whole fish for human consumption through innovative biotech.

Our core strategies

In everything we do, we focus on our three main strategies that has been with us from the start.

Local value creation

We believe that the value creation from Norway’s fish farming should go to the local communities close to the source.

Utilize the whole fish

In order to have a truly sustainable business model, we utilize the fish waste and turn it into high value marine nutrition products.

Low environmental impact

In our whole value chain, from farming to freight of the finished product, we focus on reducing the environmental impact.

A brief history of Hofseth

2005: Acquired first factory, a former dairy plant that was converted into salmon processing 

2006: Started supplying frozen salmon portions to the US, turnover of NOK 100m

2008: Merged with Seafood Farmers and created what today is Hofseth International, combined turnover of NOK 160m

2009: Initiating global expansion, turnover reaching NOK 500m
Established Hofseth Biocare

2011: Hofseth Biocare listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange

2014: Turnover reached NOK 1.3bn. Establishing own sales and distribution company in the US

2016: Turnover approaching NOK 2.0bn. Acquisition of salmon and trout farmer Fjordlaks Aqua (Hofseth Aqua). Opening of 3rd salmon processing plant, Hofseth Aalesund

2021: 500+ employees and turnover of NOK 4.9 bn (in foreign currency). Currently the largest exporter of Norwegian salmon to the US market. Global customer base and sales organization with local representation in all major markets