Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)


As a part of Hofseths sustainability program ASC certification was a logical choice to move forward with. ASC has in a short period of time become a highly respected standard world wide and goes hand in hand with Hofseths vision to deliver the best rainbow trout in the market.

ASC-certified locations

All current locations certified

Location Status
Overåneset Vest Certified
Overåneset Øst Certified
Skotungneset Certified
Vindsnes Certified
Skjortneset II Certified

Unexplained loss

Reported by end of harvest

Location Date/event
Opshaugvik V16: 92,06% (-7,94%), H17: 98,43% ( -1,57%)
Overåneset Vest H16: 99,37% (-0,63%), H18: 96,69% (-3,31%)
Overåneset Øst H18: 104,22(+ 4,22)
Skotungneset H15: 95,02% (-4,98%), V17: 92,68% (-7,32%)
Vindsnes H18: 101,37(+1,37%), V20: 97,01% (- 2,99)
Skjortneset II S19: +1,3 %

Wildlife Interaction reporting

Reported online within 30 days of occurrence

Location Date/event
Opshaugvik No registered incidents
Overåneset Vest No registered incidents
Overåneset Øst No registered incidents
Skotungneset No registered incidents
Vindsnes No registered incidents
Skjortneset II No registered incidents

Escape reporting

Reported online within 30 days. Immediately reported to Directorate of Fisheries

Location Date/event
Opshaugvik No escapes
Overåneset Vest 21.06.2017: 340 escapees
Overåneset Øst 5.10.2021: 132 escapees
Skotungneset No escapes
Vindsnes 20.05.2017: 40 escapees, 16.11.2018: 49 escapees, 24.03.2021: 1 escapees
Skjortneset II No escapees
Urdaneset 21.8.21: 2-3 escapees