Global vision, local values


At Hofseth, we make sure that our growth and development benefits our local community. We applaud and sponsor activities and local initiatives that makes our community even better, and we give priority to supporting activities for children.

Sponsorship to our community

Who: Individuals and small organizations, with priority to the youth

What: Community, sports and educational activities and initiatives

When: Our application deadlines are April 30th and October 30th 

How: Please fill in the application form on the link below

Apply here

Sharing the joy of seafood with our community

The people of Sunnmøre has always been fishermen. But with the rise of convenient ready to eat-meals, many kids today have not had the pleasure of catching their own fish and prepared it the traditional way. We want to teach today’s kids about the joy if fishing and making delicious seafood meals from scratch.

Please send us a mail at to participate in one of our activities.

Fishing trip

Join us onboard our charming boat Havstar for a fishing trip, where you’ll learn about safety at sea, fishing techniques, fish species and maybe even be the captain.

Cooking course

Our head chef Mindor Klauset would love to visit your school and arrange cooking classes where you learn how to prepare dished like salmon burgers and trout sushi.

Guided tour

Hofseth has facilities from smolt and sea farms to slaughter and processing, and we are happy to show school classes how the fish we eat actually are processed.