Presision, predictability and efficiency

High-Tech Processing

At our state-of-the-art factories, cost-effective production ensures that our product is available and affordable, without sacrificing the high quality of the natural product.

Highly automated

Our processing plants are equiped with the newest processing machines, ensuring very high levels of accuracy whilst running at maximum speed.

We have a close cooperation with industry-leading machine producers Marel and Baader, and are developing our machines together with the producer in order to quickly adapt to market and customer requirements.

Top certified

Quality, food safety and traceability is the main priority at Hofseth, and our processing facilities have all the top certifications within the seafood industry: IFS, ASC, Global GAP, Kosher, Organic, WCA and HACCP.

Seafood Farmers

Speciality: Smoked and sliced salmon & trout products

Capacity: 16,000 tons/year

Hofseth Syvde

Speciality: Frozen portions in bags and multipacks

Capacity: 33,000 tons/year

Hofseth Aalesund

Speciality: Fresh salmon & trout portions and fillets

Capacity: 35,000 tons/year

Unique closeness to the fish


With our unique closeness to the origin of the raw material, our products are of the highest levels of freshness. Our effective logistics then ensures that the fresh products are packed and sent to the airport only hours after processing.

Frozen at the peak of freshness


When frozen correctly, the quality of a thawed product will not differ from a fresh product. Our modern blast freezers ensures quick freezing at low temperatures, not affecting the quality of the flesh.

In addition, frozen products have the advantages of low spoilage, consistent quality and low carbo emission due to transfer by sea or truck.

The best of both worlds


If you want the best from both worlds, Re-Fresh is the way to go. Because of our unique packing method, you get all the advantages of frozen products, while customers get the convenience of buying ready-to-cook products, always with consistent quality.