Business, social and environmental responsibility


«In Hofseth, we believe that our success is built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. Hofseth understands the challenge of ensuring high social, ethical, and environmental standards within our business and throughout our supply chain and is committed to working close together with our suppliers to make sure that these standards are subject to continuous improvement.»

Roger Hofseth, CEO

Local value creation

We believe that the value creation from Norway’s fish farming should go to the local communities close to the source. Even though Norway is the world’s largest producer of Atlantic Salmon, eight out of ten fish are processed abroad in low cost countries. While Hofseth exports over 95 % of our products, our philosophy is to process and prepare the fish as close to the sources as possible. This ensures both local value creation and the freshest possible raw materiale in our products.

Utilize the whole fish

In order to have enough nutrition for the growing world population, it is essential to utilize as much as possible of the food production for humane consumption. We strive to utilize as much of the fish as possible in our products, but offcuts like head, backbone and skin however are normally considered waste. But through our innovative biotech company, we are able to transform the offcuts into high-value marine nutrition for human consumption.


Low environmental impact

Our main focus is on reducing the environmental impact of our operations. It is imperative to keep the fjord clean and unspoiled so it can be used for sustainable food production in generations to come, and we adhere to a set of ASC standards to minimise the impact of our activities. While aquaculture has a low environmental footprint, air freight of the products causes carbon emissions, and our focus is to shift the sales over to frozen and re-freshed products, which are shipping by low-emission container ships.

Making healthy food affordable

Our mission is to produce sustainable and high-quality seafood that is affordable for everyone. The world-famous Norwegian salmon is a luxurious product, but we believe it should be enjoyed by the many, like it has been enjoyed in Sunnmøre for centuries. We want our high-quality products to be a cornerstone of a healthy and sustainable diet for people all over the world.