Ensuring sustainable food for generations

Responsible Farming

Norway’s unique nature creates a perfect area for fish farming. After thousands of years with natural accommodation for the Atlantic salmon and trout, it is our responsibility to organize our facilities and conduct our operations in sustainable way that preserves and protects the fjord’s wildlife.

Aquaculture is key for feeding a growing world population

The ocean makes up 70 % of the world’s surface, but only 5 % of consumed food are produced in the ocean. With a projected world population of 9.7 billion by 2050, it is crucial to utilize the ocean in order to produce enough nutrition for the population.

Salmon and trout are highly nutritionus and healthy food

Salmon contains the greatest amount of omega 3 fatty acids, which are extremely important for the optimal function of your body. It also packs a massive amount of protein, vitamins and minerals, and makes you feel full with relatively few calories.


Aquaculture has a low environmental footprint

Aquaculture is a sustainable and low-impact way of producing food. Compared to beef, one kilo salmon need eight times less feed than one kilo beef, while at the same time producing ten times less carbon and using eleven times less water.

Our farming operations

All of Hofseth Aqua’s operations are located in close proximity to each other, ensuring efficient and speedy transfer of our fish from smolt to slaughter.

We have a state-of-the art smolt facility in Tafjord, six farming locations in Storfjorden and a high-tech slaughter house in Aalesund.

Safeguarding our fjord

Hofseth is the only aquaculture farmer in the scenic Storfjorden. To operate in a fjord by oneself is a great privilige, but also a huge responsibility when it comes to environmental and social impact for the area.

The crisp and clear water in the fjord is the most important input in the farming process, and it is vital to preserve the fjord so it can continued to be used for sustainable food production in generations to come.

Our guiding principles

Aquaculture has a critical role in helping end world hunger and malnutrition. As an ASC certified farmer, we follow a set of standards for responsible aquaculture in order to minimise the environmental and social impacts of our activities.

Protecting the wild salmon

The wild salmon, ancestor of the Atlantic Salmon, lives in the rivers surrounding our fjord and we are taking every measure to preserve the population.

No antibiotics

Unlike many other farming countries, farmers in Norway does not use antibiotics due to clean fjords and extensive preventive measures.

Zero emission

Our goal is a to produce fish in a carbon-neutral way, and are now transforming the facilities to use land-based electricity and hydrogen.

Custom feed

We have a close cooperation with world-leading feed provider Cargill, and the raw material have strict specifications regarding origin and nutritional content.

Animal welfare

We have continously monitoring of the fish and the environment, ensuring low levels of disease and lice, and reducing stressful handling down to a minimum.

Safe working conditions

The safety of our workers is of utmost importance, and we have strict HMS regulations ensuring the health and wellbeing of our employees.